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Sunday, July 21, 2024 at 9:21 AM

About us


Currently, we are focusing our attention mainly on making our city attractive to entrepreneurs, and the quality of services provided to meet their expectations and confirm their belief that Chelm is a good place for business!

Therefore, an Investor Service Center was established within the structures of the Chelm City Hall.

The COI provides a wide range of free services for business. It is a place of first contact for entrepreneurs (one stop shop) who would like to invest and develop in our city.

Our main tasks include taking measures to stimulate the City's economic activity and promote Chelm as an attractive place for business and investment.


We offer support in:

- locating available investment areas and providing detailed parameters,

- presentation of current concessions and incentives available in the City of Chelm,

- Support in acquiring staff for the purpose of conducting business in Chelm,

- Assistance in locating sources of investment financing,

- Establishment of cooperation on the basis of the "right hand of the investor" in the City in key matters related to the development of economic activity, including assistance in contacts with local administration and business environment institutions,

- Preparation and service of business study visits to the City of Chelm, including individual investment service, preparation of the investor's visit from A to Z,

- initiating sectoral cooperation, networking of companies,

- locating and establishing contacts with contractors,

- In conducting and developing export activities,

- in conducting R&D activities,

and much more


Our assistance in each case is individual, and its common element is professionalism.


COI is located in the building of Chelm Economic Activity Center, 3E Ceramiczna Street.

For the organization of our point we have created comfortable rooms, including a room for informational, business meetings


We invite you to take advantage of our services

We invite you to cooperate with us