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Sunday, December 3, 2023 at 9:24 PM

Why Chełm?


City of skilled labor
The developed sphere of vocational education means easy access to qualified personnel in professions related to mechanics, automation, but also IT or health. In addition, the activities of the State Higher Vocational School make Chelm a "high-level" city, as the aviation school is the best university of its kind in Poland. The construction of the Medical Town, on the other hand, will help strengthen the City's potential in medical fields.

A city to live in
Progressive trends related to the "slow life" philosophy are the direction the city is following, making it an alternative to large metropolises and agglomerations. A peaceful life that provides more time for oneself and family does not preclude taking up jobs in outsourcing sectors. In light of current trends related to remote work, this is an option for young, active people who value their time! Find peace, balance and satisfaction with life and work in Chelm!

A green city
Chelm is a green city. A huge and diverse number of green areas, expansion of green communication in the form of facilities for pedestrians and cyclists, make Chelm a place to spend leisure time healthily and actively.

A city with a strategic location
Located just 24 km from Ukraine, Chelm is an extremely attractive location for both domestic and foreign investors. Its excellent location allows it to conduct business within the European Union countries, and also provides quick access to Eastern European countries outside the community.

City attractive to investors
Chelm is a City which, as part of the Polish Investment Zone, provides the maximum public aid allowed in the EU, which reaches 70% through income tax exemption (up to 15 years). Run in a modern, yet active manner, the Investor Service Center provides support both at the stage of investment planning, its preparation, as well as during the operation of the company.

City of great investments
In recent years, the City of Chelm has been undergoing significant social and economic transformations. Numerous investments in the form of road construction, ring roads, housing development and the creation of infrastructure for business, or tourist and cultural offerings, allow us to think of Chelm not only as a place to do business, but also a city to live in.