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Sunday, December 3, 2023 at 10:22 PM

They invested in Chelm


Bieluch - production of dairy products

Established in 1929, Bieluch is one of the most modern dairies employing around 250 people. The name of our company is inextricably linked to Chelm and its heritage. In times of increasing unification, we strive to prove that our Chelm products are of high quality, which is why they are recognized throughout the country, as well as abroad. By building international quality, we promote both "Bieluch" and our City.

Success Logistic Group - warehousing, distribution, e-commerce, freight forwarding, customs agency, consulting

"The city of Chelm is a city open to the needs of investors. Our new investment was made on the territory of the SEZ, thanks to which we received tangible support in the form of concessions. In addition, the location of our company is supported by its close proximity to Ukraine, as well as quick access to the New Silk Road (Małaszewicze Port), which provides us with continuous development.

POSideo - an internationally award-winning company engaged in a wide range of design, manufacturing and consulting services.

Both multinationals and domestic manufacturers use our services. In today's realities, the location of the company is less and less important. The city of Chelm is very well connected with major cities and transit routes, thanks to which the implementation of acquired contracts is effective and timely. In addition, Chelm is a city where one lives peacefully, which is what is needed in moments of leisure.


BHM Unigue Interiors - Manufacturer of luxury upholstered furniture

"The company's location near Chelm is, on the one hand, a desire to remain in the hometown, on the other hand, proof that the place of operation of the plant is not of key importance nowadays. We produce and successively supply national and international hotel chains and other facilities around the world with the highest quality upholstered furniture. We are helped in this by competent and energetic employees we have recruited from the local market, with whom we form a true international team.

HULANICKI BEDNAREK Ltd. - manufacture of complex energy distribution systems

"Our company has existed in the market for almost forty years, during which we have taken advantage of the most important resources and potentials such as: strategic location that allows us to sell on both EU and Eastern markets, as well as access to qualified employees who are trained by Chelm vocational schools. The result of these has been a focus on creating high-quality products, which translates into increasing expansion into global markets