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Sunday, June 23, 2024 at 11:50 PM

Opening of the Investor Service Centre in the City of Chelm

January 17 marked the official launch of the Investor Service Center (ISC), a substantive unit of the Chelm City Hall dedicated to the acquisition and, equally important, subsequent service of entrepreneurs.
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With the establishment of the Investor Service Center, the formerly operating UM unit is gaining new tools for its work. It also has a new seat in the building of the Chelm Economic Activity Center on Ceramiczna Street.

Mariusz Rudzki, who until now had carried out his duties related to servicing entrepreneurs within the Mayor's Office, became COI director. Previously, for more than a dozen years, including as director of one of the departments of the Marshal's Office in Lublin, he carried out activities related to the development of entrepreneurship throughout the province.

- Our goal is to consolidate the business community, gain knowledge from institutions supporting entrepreneurs at the local, national and foreign levels. So that an entrepreneur who comes to the city, to Chelm, will meet with us and get knowledge in one place. We believe that time is money, and our activities are aimed at ensuring that the entrepreneur obtains the maximum amount of knowledge with the minimum amount of time," says Rudzki.

Jakub Banaszek: such a place has been missing in Chelm

The Investor Service Center provides ongoing support for entrepreneurs and their comprehensive service. Employees also handle interviews with potential investors who want to start their business in Chelm. It will also be possible to hold a business meeting or conference on site.

- Such a place was missing in Chelm. We wanted a real Investor Service Center to be established in Chelm. A place where workshops, cyclic meetings will be held, also with representatives of government agencies and institutions. All this to streamline the process of carrying out these economic tasks," said Jakub Banaszek, Chelm's President.

Today's opening of the COI was attended, among others, by representatives of the Chełm local government, local parliamentarians, representatives of government institutions cooperating with the city.

Patronage of the event

Honorary patrons of the event included:

  • Minister of Development and Technology,
    Governor of Lublin,
    Marshal of the Lublin Province,
    Association of Polish Cities.